Our Low-T clinic provides an online healthcare service for men, which includes private and confidential telephone consultations, and medical diagnosis advice. Our online clinic provides consultations to individuals who wish to know more about hormone replacement therapy.  You will have a strict health assessment by a medical practitioner for suitability.  During an initial telephone consultation, your medical history will be taken into consideration, along with your blood test results as well as your symptoms.


How is low testosterone tested?

There is no exact number but if you suspect your testosterone level is low Low-T Clinic will require you to complete a detailed number of tests. You can contact them online to arrange these tests and have a consultation with a doctor to discuss your options.

Treating low testosterone

There are natural ways to raise testosterone, including exercise and weight loss. Start with just a few minutes of exercise at a time. Any exercise is better than none, and that helps your body slowly get used to being active. Your goal is to work up to half an hour most days of the week to get the full benefits from exercise.

Treating low testosterone includes several options for the delivery of a customised male menopause treatment. The treatment method provides bio identical hormones that are structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced by your body.

Hormone replacement therapy also known as HRT, can be used to treat common symptoms of andropause and testosterone deficiency.  Individual results may vary.


Wherever you may be in Australia, Low-T Clinic can deliver comprehensive health assessments for men. They are dedicated to helping men retain their vitality as they age, treat symptoms that causes low-testosterone, and aim to improve their quality of life.