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About Low T Clinic

At Low T Clinic, we understand how low testosterone can affect the quality of life of men. That is why we make it easy for patients to have their testosterone level checked so they can get the most suitable treatment for their condition.

A Pioneer in Telemedicine

Our clinic is among the few online clinics to participate in telemedicine in Australia, having opened in 2018.

As a telemedicine clinic, we are able to test and treat patients online. This helps us minimise our operating costs, so that we can pass on the savings to our patients. It also removes location as a constraint when looking for treatment, as we can treat anyone in Australia.

Plus, being an online clinic allows us to work 24/7, so that patients can start treatment right away, if suitable, by following four simple steps and receive their medication in 10 days.

The highly skilled and trained certified practitioners review each case to determine whether or not the patient requires testosterone treatment. If they do, the doctors can customise the treatment, otherwise, we provide our patients with a full refund of their consultation fee.

A Commitment to Trust

Being a telemedicine clinic, we understand the importance of trust in the work that we do. That is why the medical practitioners are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and prescribe only to Australian registered pharmacies. The medical practitioners review each case that they handle thoroughly. 

In addition, medications are dispatched from reputable Compounding Pharmacies based in Australia. They offer high quality medication made from plant-based ingredients to maintain the quality and grade of the product. 

By working with medical practitioners and pharmacies, we help ensure that patients get only professional advice and have access to quality medication.

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Testosterone levels may drop 1% every year in men after the age of 30. Find out if you could be effected.


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