A new patient? We’ll test and analyse your testosterone level.


How Treatment Works

01 Provide Your Medical History

We’ll ask you to complete an online form where you’ll provide your complete medical history. Please answer as clearly and as thoroughly as you can to get accurate results. You can rest assured that all information you provide will remain secure and confidential.

02 Book your consultation

Click on the ”book consultation now” button to get started to have your information accessed by a doctor during your call. The consultation fee is $250.00 and is fully refundable if you do not qualify for treatment. We process payments using Square a secure 3rd party payment processor. Payments are encrypted and secure.

03 Undergo Tests

We’ll then send you a pathology request form in order to test you. Take this form with you to your local pathology clinic and draw your bloods. The results will give us your current baseline with regards to your testosterone level.

04 Speak to our Doctor

On this call with the doctor they will not only examine your blood work we will also assess your symptoms; your detailed medical history and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have. The doctor will ask you some questions which will assist us with your diagnoses and treatment.  If you are suitable for testosterone treatment​ this will also be discussed with you in detail.

05 Get Your Prescription

The doctor will evaluate the strength/dosage that is suited for you. The script will be sent off to the pharmacy for processing.

06 Receive Your Medication

Your treatment will be sent to the address you nominated.

07 Undergo Routine Monitoring

The testosterone treatments will be an ongoing process, which is why we’ll follow up your condition every six months to ensure your body is responding to treatment.

treatment - Low T Clinic

If you have a history of Glaucoma, Prostate Cancer, Stroke, Any form of Cancer or Sleep Apnoea you will not be suitable for the program. These are a contraindication for hormone therapy, please refer to a specialist for further review and opinion.

Take the first step, fill out the questionnaire to see if you qualify for our Low T Treatment.


We have a 24hr messaging service and our customer service reps can be emailed 7 days a week.