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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? Please read this section for some of the most commonly asked questions by our patients, from important information about our clinic to the safety of your personal information. If you find that your question isn’t covered in this section, you may get in touch with us by calling us at 1300 092 569, or sending us an email at
How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of the program is displayed in Step 2 of our online application process. Once you have filled out your questionnaire, the cost breakdown is shown in detail on the FAQ section.

Why am I being asked to pay a consultation fee of $250?

We ask for a small payment of $250 on Step 2 of our online application process. This is to have the doctor review your blood work and to complete your consultation. After your review with the doctor is complete and should you qualify for the program, this fee will be deducted from the total cost. If for whatever reason you don’t qualify, you will be reimbursed the consultation fee in full.

What is Bio-identical hormone supplementation?

Bio-identical hormones such as Testosterone have a molecular structure which is an exact match of the hormones found in the human body. Once bound to the receptors in the tissues of the body they identically mimic the action of the body’s natural testosterone.

Bio-identical hormones are compounded by pharmacies into a transdermal cream that is usually from a natural substance. It acts as a chemical booster to ramp up the body’s levels of testosterone. Within a few weeks patients may experience changes.

What is Low T Clinic?

Our team made it our mission to help men suffering from low testosterone.

The company is based in South Morang, Victoria. As we provide all our services online, we do not require clinic visits, making your interaction with our clinic convenient.

Meanwhile, our processes are straightforward and transparent, so patients can rest assured that they are dealing with an honest and reputable clinic.

How does the consultation process work?

First, we will ask you to fill out an online form where you will provide details about your medical history. Once you have submitted this, the medical practitioner will then review your answers. After that, you’ll undergo tests, including checking your testosterone level. You will then have a consultation by telephone with the Doctor to discuss your results, symptoms and any questions relating to the program. If you are deemed suitable for the program…the doctor will prescribe a treatment suited to your condition. The script will be sent to the selected compounding pharmacy to be compounded, and then delivered to the address you nominated or patients can arrange to pick up from the selected pharmacy. Finally, we will monitor your condition every six months with follow up pathology testing and a review consultation with the doctor.

For more information, please refer to the ‘How Treatment Works’ section of this website.

Is Low T Clinic’s Service Legal?

Our service is completely legal. This means that we follow strict rules when it comes to prescribing and handling our patients’ personal data, giving you peace of mind when you choose us as your preferred low testosterone online treatment clinic.

What are your return and refund policies?

Please review the Patient Terms in Step 2 for more information on the program refund policies. 

Are the Doctors consultations and blood reviews free?

No, we ask patients to pay a small fee of $250 to have the doctor review your blood work and your symptoms profile. Note consultation fees are fully refunded if you don’t qualify for treatment, and if you do, the price will be deducted off your total treatment cost.

What if I change my mind after talking to the doctor?

If you change your mind, even after the doctor has deemed you suitable for the program, you will not be refunded for the consultation. The consultation process is an expense for our clinic, staff and doctors for their time. Therefore we need to recover these costs. This is of course only if you have qualified, but if you haven’t qualified for treatment, then you will be refunded your consultation fee.

Why should I choose Low T Clinic?

Our focus is on treating low testosterone cases of our patients. This ensures that your condition will be given the focus it deserves, that you’ll get treatment that suits your personal situation, and that treatment is provided only by qualified professionals. We take every measure to give you only the best.

Who writes my prescription?

At Low T Clinic, your prescription will be written only by medical practitioners who are registered and accredited in Australia, to ensure that you get treatment that is right for your condition.

Can I have a copy of my pathology results for my records?
Yes, please ask the doctor during your consult for a copy of your pathology results and this will be sent to you after your appointment.
When will I receive my order?

Scripts can be sent to the selected pharmacy for dispensing. After the pharmacy receives the prescription, compounds the medication, and dispatches it, it will usually take seven to ten working days before you receive your order. You may also arrange to pick up your medication from pharmacy directly.

Can I choose my own Compound Pharmacy?

We have preferred pharmacies that we engage to assist with dispensing. However, if you wish to use an alternative compounding pharmacy of your choice, we are happy to discuss this option with you.

How do we handle personal information?
We understand the sensitive nature of our customer’s personal and medical information that is why we have set up safeguards to keep those information secure, including using a private SSL certificate, an authenticated server platform, secure HTTP, and a dedicated IP address.
What payment options are available?

Our treatments can be paid by either Credit Card, Direct Deposit to our bank account or a payment plan with MediPay

MediPay Payment Plans for your Medical Treatment

  • 10 second eligibility check
  • Easy online application
  • Decision in 60 minutes or less
  • Funds available the same day

Please speak to us if you would like to use MediPay

Can I cancel my consultation once payment has been made?

I spoke with my doctor about your treatment and have now changed my mind. So, I don’t want to proceed. Can I get a refund? Yes, of course, you can, providing we haven’t conducted your consultation with the doctor.

Why can’t I find reviews or testimonials on Low T Clinic?
National Law does not allow the use of testimonials/reviews to advertise a regulated health service. Advertising is the public promotion of a regulated health service to attract users to encourage the use of the service. We are abiding by the regulations by not advertising reviews. Consumers are free to share their views or experiences online on third party websites.


We have a 24hr messaging service and our customer service reps can be emailed 7 days a week.