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Types of HRT for Men

Types of HRT for Men

If your doctor recommends HRT or hormone replacement therapy, you may have a choice from these three options: Intramuscular Testosterone Injections: Your doctor will facilitate the injections, and they will be injected into the muscles of your buttocks. The duration...

Hormone Replacement for Men: What you Need to Know

Hormone Replacement for Men: What you Need to Know

Testosterone supplementation in men is rapidly increasing in demand and attention in recent years. Different types of hormones in your body can decrease throughout your lifetime for many different reasons related to health, lifestyle, and ageing. So, a decrease in...

How Treatment Works

  • Provide Your Medical History
  • Undergo Tests
  • Get Your Prescription
  • Receive Your Medication
  • Undergo Routine Monitoring

About low testosterone

As you age, it may feel like that you’re losing your drive for the things you love. You may also feel weaker, or even prone to changes in mood. In men, most would attribute this to decreased testosterone levels. But what does that really mean, and how does that affect men?

Learn about low testosterone and how it affects you.

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