Before you decide to start a male hormone replacement therapy program, you need to consider few things first. In most cases, men may ask if they have symptoms of male menopause. This is also known as andropause. Some symptoms may include decreased strength and energy, decreased muscle, less desire to do activities, night sweats, trouble sleeping, increased body fat, anxiety, decreased sex drive, and irritability.

If you are suffering from one or more of the above symptoms, then HRT may be an option.

The Following Months after Treatment

In the following months, you may start to feel more energised and you should start to see improvements in your mood, as well as your sense of well-being. With exercise and a proper diet, you may have an increase in your muscle strength and body mass.

Additional benefits one can get from hormone replacement can include an increase in bone mineral density which can help fight osteoporosis.

Are You Ready for the Program?

If this treatment sounds like something you may be interested to consider, then you can start searching for a program right away. You should speak to a qualified doctor and ask any questions that you need, to gain information. You will need to undergo a series of blood tests, give a background medical history and discuss your symptoms.  Once the results are finalised, an appointment will be set with a doctor to discuss your options for male hormone replacement therapy.

So many individuals have already benefited from this treatment program, however it is important to discuss all of your options and possible side effects of the chosen treatment.

With testosterone levels supplemented within a normal range, one should expect improvements in emotional and or physical well-being within the first few months of the treatment.