One way of taking good care of our hormonal health is by paying attention to one of the important hormones in our body, the testosterone. This main androgen found in men is responsible for the physical changes that occur during male puberty and regulates bone health, muscle mass, sperm production, and sex drive.

As part of the biological process, testosterone levels in men start to decline naturally from age 30 onwards. Although this is a natural occurrence, having T levels below the healthy range may cause symptoms that can interfere with or affect men’s overall health.

Some of the common symptoms of low T include reduced sex drive, lower energy levels, erectile dysfunctions, higher body fat, mood swings, and hair loss.

If you suspect that you are dealing with such symptoms, you may talk to your doctor to test your T levels and explore possible treatment.

Different Ways to Restore or Boost Testosterone Levels

The different tests and medical evaluation conducted by a medical practitioner will determine if your testosterone levels are below normal range. If this is the case, your doctor may suggest some options to boost your T levels, such as testosterone therapy or through a health-promoting lifestyle.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the potential treatments that a medical professional may prescribe or suggest to a patient after undergoing a series of tests and health assessments.

Patients medically diagnosed with androgen deficiency have the option to undergo this type of treatment in different forms or methods, such as injections, capsules, skin patches, creams, or gels.

The testosterone replacement therapy cost varies from case to case. It consists of laboratory tests, supplements, medications, and other medical services prescribed by your doctor.

Natural Ways to Boost T Levels

Additionally, your doctor may also suggest adopting a health-promoting lifestyle to help you restore ideal testosterone levels that include the following:

Good Dietary Pattern

A dietary pattern rich in foods that contain nutrients is essential for maintaining a healthy range of testosterone levels. Nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, are necessary for maintaining optimal T levels.

Foods rich in nutrients and may help promote healthy testosterone levels are fatty fish like salmon and sardines, dark and leafy vegetables, eggs, cocoa products, fruits such as avocados, cherries, berries, and pomegranates.

Regular Exercise and Active Lifestyle

One of the most effective ways to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and boost your T levels is regular exercise and having an active lifestyle.

An increased physical activity coupled with a weight loss diet for obese men can be beneficial in boosting their T levels.

Minimize Long-Term Stress

Long-term stress can harm our overall health, including our hormonal health. One of the reasons most people become obese is too much stress and high cortisol. As a result, harmful body fat starts to pile up around your organs, which may hurt your T levels.

Get Enough Rest and Quality Sleep

Getting an ideal amount of sleep every night is as important as a good diet and exercise. Although this may vary from person to person, research says that 7-10 hours of sleep every night are beneficial to your long-term health and T levels.

Wrapping Up

Healthy testosterone levels are vital to our overall well-being. It affects people in different ways, both physically and emotionally.

Therefore, we should take the necessary steps to keep it in a healthy range by doing a lifestyle check and making better choices. Lastly, it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and there is always help available.